Happy 4th of July Images, Pictures, Quotes, Greetings, Fireworks 2016

Happy 4th of July Images, Happy Fourth of July Pictures 2016, Independence Day USA Quotes, Greetings, 4th of July Fireworks, desserts recipes, nails designs

Happy 4th of July Images 2016

4th of July Crafts : Different Ways to Decorate your House with Handmade Articles

4th of July Crafts : Fourth of July is very special day of the year for the people of USA. On this day they become independent and emerge as United States of America. On this day people decorate their house with lots of 4th of July crafts. They buy and make lots of patriotic things to decorate their house. They uses their creativity and make lots of 4th of July crafts work materials and uses them to make their house more attractive. There are lots of handmade attractive idem ideas are available on net but you should use your own idea to make such king of products.

4th of July Crafts – How to make handmade decorative items on 4th of July?

Decoration of your house with handmade materials is quite easy. You only need to spend some time and some decorative materials in order to make such items. 4th of July craft should be according to patriotic theme otherwise it will not suits your house. If you wish to decorate your house with some patriotic decorative 4th of July craft then here are some innovative items which will help you to decorate your house.

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

Patriotic clothespin wreath is quite 4th of July craft which requires few minutes. You just need clothespins of blue, red and white color, glitters, wire and a ribbon. First shape the wire into round shape then put clothespins of same color and pin them on the wire. Then use glitter to make your wreath more attractive and tie a ribbon at the bottom of the wreath to make your 4th of July craft more attractive.

July fourth crafts

July fourth crafts

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Festive Handmade Lanterns

Handmade lanterns are the most beautiful 4th of July craft which can be made within few simple steps. First you should bring colored papers of white, blue and red color. Then fold them into shapes of lanterns then use glitters and other decorative items to make it beautiful and hand them with the help of thread.

happy 4th of july crafts

happy 4th of july crafts

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4th of july crafts

4th of july crafts

American Flag Candle

It needs a cardboard which can be folded into a shape of a cylinder. Then some candles of different colors are needed to make 4th of July craft. Now first fold the cardboard into cylindrical shape, and then draw national flag on it. Then cut out some small pieces in the cylindrical board so that candles can be put into them. Now your American flag candle is ready to decorate your house.

crafts for 4th of july - candle

crafts for 4th of july – candle

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Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

Instead of throwing waste bottles we can use them to make centerpiece. Bring two bottles and color them with red, white and blue color. Then use some glitter pens to write some patriotic message on them. Them make small flags and put them in the open part of the bottles. Now your waste bottles are converted into beautiful 4th of July craft.

4th of july - Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

4th of july – Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

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Independence Day USA Crafts

Independence Day USA Crafts

String lights

To make string lights with innovative 4th of July craft ideas, you just need string of white, red and blue color. Then fold the strings into big hollow sphere and then cover the bulb with it. Now try this with other strings and your sting lights are ready.


4th of july lanterns

4th of july lanterns

Fourth of July Crafts

Fourth of July Crafts

Hope you like our article on 4th of july crafts ideas. Stay tuned with us to get more updates regarding 4th of July.

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