Happy 4th of July Images, Pictures, Quotes, Greetings, Fireworks 2016

Happy 4th of July Images, Happy Fourth of July Pictures 2016, Independence Day USA Quotes, Greetings, 4th of July Fireworks, desserts recipes, nails designs

Happy 4th of July Images 2016

4th of July Party Ideas and Fourth of July Activities for Adults and Kids

4th of July is a day of celebration for the people of USA. They have lots of 4th of July party ideas for this day as it is a federal holiday in USA. They organize a party at their home in the evening. So there are lots of 4th of July party food ideas in the mind of people. They have planned this party two or three before the Independence Day and invite their relatives and friends. They have proper theme for the party and organize lots of 4th of July activities in the evening. Also read : Advance Happy 4th of July Wishes 2016


4th of July Party Ideas and 4th of July Activities

The people of USA arrange a party and invite their friends but it is difficult for them to decide the new idea to make their party more interesting. There are several new ideas which will make your party more attractive and interesting. You can use quickie garland, independence punch, bandana banner, flag goody bags, flag canopy, can make muffin tin art candy, cool soda bar, stars and stripes table caddy and fire free sparklers. Some 4th of July party ideas are explained as follows:-


4th of july flag canopy - 4th of July Party Ideas

4th of july flag canopy – 4th of July Party Ideas

Flag Canopy – 4th of july party decorations

You can use flag canopy to decorate your house for party. It is most simple and beautiful 4th of July party idea. Classy canopy and moon lighting is a genius 4th of July party idea. You can tie blue, red and white streamers onto big bulb outdoor lights. This will definitely makes your house more attractive. You can also hand it above your picnic table.

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Fourht of july baar ideas

Fourht of july baar ideas

Cool Soda Bar – 4th of july party themes

Desserts can be used as party decorations and with sweet soda bar idea you can make your party interesting. You can use group of blue, red and clear soda bottles and small bowls with stripped straws and cherries toppings on cream. This counter will definitely attracts guests.

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4th of July Activities For Adults

The part will become more interesting when you introduce some interesting 4th of July activities. These activities may be games or tasks that are given to the guests. This is the best way to enjoy your party and keep guest busy. This is the best way to remove boredom from your party. Rather than party people spend their time in different places on this day. Some 4th of July activities are as follows:-


4th of july Indpendence Day parade

4th of july Indpendence Day parade

Waves the Stars at National Independence Day Parade

Lots of people catch the National Independence Day Parade and enjoy the show with their family and friends. This is also one of the best 4th of July activities to celebrate your day. There were lots of amazing things appear there. Everybody should visit to that parade as it shows the patriotism towards their country.

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Happy Fourth of july Concert

Happy Fourth of july Concert

Watch a free Concert at US Capitol

You can find a spot on the west lawn of US Capital for the Capitol Fourth. The concert begins at 8 PM. This is also a better 4th of July activities instead of spending your holiday at your home. There are several other concerts which you can attend and enjoy the day.

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4th of July Activities for Kids – Fourth of July Games for Toddlers and Kids

4th of july party games, 4th of july party ideas for kids

Sidewalk Chalk- Don’t underestimate the power of this simple tool! So many things can be created with the side walk chalk from hopscotch to foursquare to shuffle board! You can create any number of game boards with a little sidewalk chalk. For older kids, have a drawing contest. See who can make the best patriotic design.

Relay Races – Kids will love the challenge of a relay race. You can tailor it to the age group of the kids. One idea is to set up buckets of sand with small American flags in them. Each team gets two buckets – one filled with sand and small flags, the other just filled with sand. The goal is for each team to transplant the flags into the other bucket. The first player runs down to the flags then marches or walks quickly with the flag, puts it in the other bucket and tags the next player. You could also use pinwheels instead of flags.

Balloon Toss – Kids love water balloons and especially love throwing them. Partner everyone up and give the teams one balloon to toss. The partners start close together and after every successful toss, then take a step away from each other. The last two with a balloon intact win! Use the remainder of the balloons for a good old fashion water balloon fight!

Twister – Bring the twister board outside! Kids and adults will love this game of balance and skill! Kids will get lots of laughs seeing Aunt Matilda tangled and twisted!

Fireworks Wand –This is a great craft idea for little ones who can’t get too close to the real deal. Get small dowels for each guest and loads of curling ribbon. Get ribbon in red, white, blue, silver, gold and any other festive color you like. Cut long strand or ribbon for the wands. Each wand should have at least 10 pieces of ribbon. Then staple all the ribbon together at one end so the it trails in one bunch. Tie ribbons onto on end of the dowel. Help kids curl long pieces of ribbon. You’ll be left with a fun fireworks wand that the kids can wave and twirl all night long.

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Hope you like our collection of party ideas, activities and games. Thank you for visiting.

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